Podcast E02: Ian Graves (le Régiment Bourbonnais / Royal Blue Traders)

For this week's episode, we converse with the enemy! Well, at least the enemy of King George III. Ian Graves, who portrays an officer in France's le Régiment Bourbonnais, chats with host Bill Patchak about how he got into the re-enacting hobby (good news for you Tories, he started off as a Brit!), what it's like portraying an officer of l'Ancien Régime and of the French military in general, and his interests in material culture that led him to found the thriving business at Royal Blue Traders.

Colonel en Second Ian Graves of Le Regiment Bourbonnais and Proprietor of Royal Blue Traders

The two cover a lot of great territory, and even though Bill and Ian suffered through some frustrating audio difficulties throughout the night, it was a fascinating conversation we hope everyone will enjoy.