Podcast E03: Robbie MacNiven (PhD Researcher on Wartime "Massacres")

This week we feature another "first" for the podcast - and it comes in the form of a transatlantic call! Robbie MacNiven, a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh, joins us to discuss his research on atrocities and massacres during the Revolution (and as you no doubt guessed, it's far from straightforward and is VERY interesting).

Robbie MacNiven, PhD researcher on American Revolution atrocities, at the Waterloo Battlefield.

Robbie and host Bill Patchak chat about a range of research-related topics, including how UK researchers generally approach the American Revolution topic, specific instances of atrocities committed during the war, and changing perceptions of these incidents over time.

And for those interested in Warhammer or related fantasy fiction, please do check out Robbie's work for the Black Library.