Podcast E04: Paul Dickfoss (Wm. Booth, Draper at the Sign of the Unicorn)

In this episode of Firelocks, we delve once again into the world of material culture. And while we recently chatted in an earlier episode with Ian Graves of Royal Blue Traders, this time we are with another master of period fabrics: William Booth. Well, by that we mean we are joined by Mr. Paul Dickfoss, the man (and mastermind) behind Wm. Booth, Draper at the Sign of the Unicorn.

Paul, known to so many of us for his expertise in the hobby, shares his experiences running a full time business outfitting the re-enacting community. In the course of our discussion, we touch on the research methods that help him identify period-correct fabrics and the challenges of accurately replicating 18th century fashion, as well as his findings on how people of that century approached their own clothing purchases and wear habits.

Paul Dickfoss (aka William Booth) at work as a draper at The Sign of the Unicorn.

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