Podcast E05: Production Team for "Elijah & George" (A Film of the Revolution)

In this latest episode of Firelocks, the Podcast, we turn our focus on the independently-financed feature film, "Elijah & George" set to begin production this summer in Virginia. The movie is set to tell the adventures of a young camp follower as he encounters famous figures of the Revolution on his search for his father who has gone missing during the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Described by its creators as "Tom Sawyer Meets The Patriot", the film will highlight the often-forgotten lives of young camp followers who served alongside the armies of the conflict, and will be appeal to families and viewers of all ages, lovers of history, and of course appreciators of good film-making.

Joining host Bill Patchak for the discussion are Andrea Clarke (director/producer/writer), Michael Dooling (producer and also illustrator/author of the book that inspired the film), and Ben Theis (historical adviser and 4th Coy's own). The four chat about the inspiration behind the film's development, its ongoing pre-production activities, and the efforts being undertaken to ensure its historical accuracy.

Actor Colin Dyer, who portrays the character of Elijah Patterson in the upcoming film "Elijah & George".

Most importantly, however, we must emphasize that this movie CANNOT succeed without the help of all of you history enthusiasts and followers of the American Revolution out there. In order to ensure that it remains independent and maintains its freedom to tell its story exactly how it was meant to be told, the production - via "From the Heart Productions" - has set up a tax deductible fundraising campaign to initially complete a short "proof of concept" short film and subsequently to allow for full production this summer for an intended fall 2019 release.

For more information on the production, as well as its excellent and impressive cast and crew, please visit its website or follow it on Facebook. But most of all, please seriously consider contributing to the film's financing and enjoy this episode's unique opportunity to hear directly from a passionate author and filmmaker on their inspirations behind and challenges ahead in bringing an American Revolution story to life. Listen below or on iTunes.