Podcast E06: Hayden Conley (4th Connecticut Regiment / NWTA)

This time on Firelocks, host Bill Patchak is joined by Mr. Joseph Hayden Conley of the 4th Connecticut Regiment (Bacon's Company) and the Northwest Territory Alliance (NWTA).

Yes, yes, we know...how dare we, as the Guards, give the microphone to a treacherous Continental! Hehehe. But, in the tradition of our excellent conversation with Ian Graves of le RĂ©giment Bourbonnais, Hayden shares his wisdom from years re-enacting on the "other side". Not only does he provide great perspective on life as a progressive Continental (including some very interesting insights into the benefits of incorporating first person aspects into reenacting), but he also talks extensively on his experience re-enacting in the Midwest - an area we often don't much exposure to given the 4th Company's base in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states.

Hayden Conley of the 4th Connecticut Regiment and the Northwest Territory Alliance (NWTA).

So please enjoy our conversation the conversation this week (listen below or on iTunes), and if you're looking for a progressive American regiment in the Midwest, please do give Hayden and the 4th Connecticut a look. And be sure to check out this July's event at Stoney Point, which Hayden is currently in the process of helping to plan.


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