2019 Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend

On the weekend of May 4-5, 4th Company attended "Revolutionary War Weekend" held at George Washington's Mount Vernon in Fairfax County, Virginia. The Mount Vernon event has become an annual highlight of our schedule, and it truly is a surreal experience to be able to camp and re-enact on the literal front yard of America's founding father.

While the weather unfortunately did not cooperate entirely, the Company was victorious against Rebel forces twice on Saturday before the rain ultimately forced a cancellation of Sunday's activities.

Lt. Col. Theis (left) addresses his Company and a detachment of His Majesty's Marines, also encamped on the estate of General Washington and brigaded with the Guards for the weekend. Photo courtesy of Matt Carreiro.

4th Company leads a column escorting loyalist refugees, who were fleeing reprisals from local rebels in Northern Virginia. Photo courtesy of Al Pocher.
The Company's kitchen fly, battered by the weekend's storms, provides some protection from the elements as the soldier's wives help to prepare an afternoon meal. Photo courtesy of Matt Carreiro.

4th Company drills during a lull in Sunday's inclement weather. Photo courtesy of Matt Carreiro.
The Brigade Company - comprising of First, Third, and Coldstream Guards - refines its marching formation. Photo courtesy of Matt Carreiro.