Podcast E10: Marcio da Cunha (8th Regiment Light Company / Re-Enacting in Canada)

Firelocks is back! Yes we know it's been a while, but we are back with another great interview - this time with Mr. Marcio da Cunha of the King's (8th) Regiment of Foot's Light Company and (with his very talented wife Trisha) the bespoke clothier and purveyor of 18th century goods, Timbrell Cockburn Cunha.

Mr. da Cunha of the King's (8th) Regiment of Foot Light Company (and a future recruit).

Marcio shares with us the origin of his re-created Light Company, his thoughts on re-enacting in our cousin country to the North (he lives in Toronto), and the very highs points of a recent event he organized at Fort Erie. Enjoy the listen, available as always below or on iTunes.

Now if only we could get Trisha scheduled for an interview one of these days...