The Fall Campaign Season Begins

Podcast E11: Brent Sitz (The Progressive Tailor)

Unbearable Heat and "Billions" of Insects: The Guards in Tidewater Virginia

Podcast E10: Marcio da Cunha (8th Regiment Light Company / Re-Enacting in Canada)

Company Drill at Carlyle House: A Birthplace of British Military Adaptation

The Ghastly Rampart: A Guards Action in The Seven Years' War

Gambling Man: The "Million Dollar Loss" and the Guards' New Light Company

Occupation of Petersburg: 238th Anniversary

Honest and Sober: 4th Company Promotes Two New NCOs

Wet Flintlocks Don't Fire: 1777's "Battle of the Clouds"

2019 Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend

You Can Call Me Colonel: Understanding "Double Ranks" for Guards Officers

Shattered, Exhausted, and Ragged: The Guards Recuperate in Wilmington